Talking to Your Parents

Your parent’s were young once don’t forget that!  It’s normal to feel nervous about talking with your parents about relationships and sex.  Bear in mind though that a lot of parents say they are relieved when their teens start this conversation.

When it comes to discussing sex, parents can react in many different ways. Some can be immediately concerned leading to misinformation or becoming angry and defensive or speaking over the top of you and jumping to conclusions.  Some can be supportive, compassionate, and informed.  And some are too embarrassed to say anything at all. Often, they want to get the whole thing over with in One Big Talk — or they don’t want to talk about it at all.  Be patient with them!

Most often, ongoing communication feels good — and is good for you, too.

How do I start a conversation?

When you’re ready to bring it up, you could try using a TV show as a starting point or something you recently read, or an example of someone you know.   It may take more than one conversation about this issue before you feel comfortable disclosing information about your personal feelings and intentions.

Rather than sitting at the table with your parents some people find it easier to discuss in the car so that you’re not having to have an ‘eye to eye’ conversation.

If you’re very concerned that your parents would get upset, you might choose to put off this conversation until you feel you and your parents are more ready. Meanwhile, you could turn to another trusted adult or service. This could give you the opportunity to rehearse what you want to say to your parents.

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Find a Service

Find a Service

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