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The school health and well being service understand it can be difficult to talk to someone so have set up a service that let’s you text your questions. They’re happy to chat about a wide range of health issues and concerns – including sexual health. If you are 11 – 19 years old, you can text a school nurse from your phone. 07507 331 525 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

You can message outside these times, but you will get a reply during opening hours.


All chats are confidential.

You can message for advice on all kinds of health issues, including:

  • sexual health
  • emotional health
  • bullying
  • healthy eating
  • general health concerns

You can still get in touch with the school nurse in the same way as you might have done before.

ChatHealth do not usually inform your parents, teachers or anyone else if you contact the school nurse. They may inform someone if they’re concerned about your safety, but would usually speak to you first. Your messages are stored and can be seen by other healthcare staff who follow the same confidentiality rules.

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