Those who produced this wholly unsuitable

I was alerted to This “educational” site by an article in the Sunday Times”. Those who produced this wholly unsuitable material, aimed at children, are clearly misguided. The fact that it is endorsed by Warwickshire’s education system, does not give it legitimacy. The whole lot of you are a disgrace to the teaching profession. Concerned Parent
I am very sorry that you feel that way, the website has been designed by and for young people ​in Warwickshire.
​It is aimed ​at young people –​dealing with ​issues of relationships and sex, the areas which young people continually ​tell us are lacking from contemporary RSE (relationship & sex education) that they receive in school.
Research and evidence in this area suggests that by providing young people ​with this kind of information we can help them to not only make informed decisions for themselves, but also able to cope when they inevitably make mistakes, giving them the tools to deal with the situation and the ability to ask for help.​In addition ​research also ​shows that young people, who receive this type of input, generally have sex later than their peers and are more likely to use contraception when they do.



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